PRIME did a great job! They got a call on a Sunday afternoon about a water leak, and had three men at the customer’s home an hour later. Knowing my policyholder was so well taken care of made the whole process so easy. - Paul M. – Insurance Agent

I wanted to thank the employees of PRIME Restoration for their amazing service. About 15 minutes after discovering that my hot water heater had flooded my finished basement, a crew came out to clean up and dry out the basement to minimize any residual damage. The crew was extremely professional and prompt. They were able to clean up and dry the carpeting so that it did not need to be replaced. The next morning they came back to check on the progress and left the machines running to dry out the area. In addition, the team coordinated closely with my insurance company and handled the situation with ease. I was thoroughly impressed. Needless to say, I would recommend them to anyone in need of disaster restoration services. What a great team! - Jon Gershon

Greg Leonard and the PRIME Restoration crew understand customer service. We had a drain back up in our basement leaving our laundry room and playroom a soaking mess. I called Prime and they got the ball rolling. They contacted the insurance company and had a technician at my home in hours. All of the water was extracted and the soaking rugs hauled away. The crew left some major league driers/dehumidifiers in place and had someone come by each day to check the progress and test the walls for moisture. I felt informed and confident during the whole process. Hopefully I have no more disasters at my home but if I do, the first call goes to PRIME Restoration. - John Doherty, Belmont, MA

 PRIME in Action

Franklin, MA

On the 8th of October PRIME Restoration received the call for a small living room fire in Franklin Massachusetts.  The call was taken at 3pm and PRIME’s operations manager and crew chief were onsite by 4:30pm.  Air-scrubbing and odor control equipment were set-up.  The homeowner asked for a response in the morning to begin the cleaning process.  The MAPFRE insured asked if we could finish the project in a 4-hour window given that she was leaving for a vacation the same day.  PRIME obliged. 

PRIME technicians protected the flooring leading to the affected area, HEPA vacuumed fire extinguisher dust, soot sponged all of the walls and cleaned all surfaces with the appropriate cleaning solution.  The content in the room was cleaned in place limiting down time and saving the insurance company money. 

PRIME realized the customer’s main focus were her drapes and set her up with a vetted dry-cleaning vendor.

Through the whole process, PRIME’s operations manager and business development team kept the agent, adjuster and insured in the loop with constant communication.  

PRIME Restoration made a difficult situation an easy one.


Sunday call-out, Fast, Efficient Response.

On October 12, 2014 at 3pm PRIME received a call for a water loss in Shrewsbury, MA.  A water supply line in a second floor bathroom had resulted in flooding to that area and a high-end kitchen and dining room below.  PRIME was onsite by 4:30pm. 

Containments were set in the critical areas and drying equipment deployed immediately. Three days of intense drying saved the entire kitchen, the dining room ceiling, bedroom carpeting and bathroom walls. 

The adjuster, agent and homeowner were updated daily with emails, calls and photos.  PRIME technicians and the project manager monitored the job on a daily basis to ensure all surfaces were being dried, moving equipment as needed and monitoring the hygrometrics of the affected rooms to make sure it was an ideal environment for drying. 

PRIME’s vetted electrician subcontractor tested and replaced outlets and electrical fixtures that were affected by water. 

The repair process has begun and the customer was appreciative of the fast, professional response.


Early Morning Water Heater Burst

On October 20th before the first cup of coffee was gone an AMICA insured had a hot water tank let loose in their finished basement in Cranston, RI.  A 6:30am call prompted a 7:00am arrival time with full crew and equipment.

Priority number one was to shut off the water and extract the standing water.  PRIME Restoration technicians used a portable flood-sucking device and weight assisted attachment known as the “ROVER” to extract as much water as possible and expedite the drying process.

It was determined that the pad had a polyethylene layer on the top and the bottom and was not salvageable.  PRIME techs carefully disengaged the carpet and removed the padding.  A containment was set up to make the drying chamber tight and expedite the process.

Within a three-day period all surfaces have dried to the equilibrium moisture content.  The customer is elated, as is the AMICA adjuster with our response and state of the art drying methods and equipment.