We’re a Rhode Island domiciled company with 10,000 square feet of office space strategically located in Lincoln, RI. We’re just minutes away from interstates 95, 295 and 495. It’s one of the ways we’ve become synonymous with quick and effective response services, 24/7, whether it’s water, fire, smoke or mold.

Despite our significant experience in restoration, remediation and the insurance industry, the way we see it, we’re in the people business. It’s all about “peace of mind.” And this is what has driven us to the level of professionalism and success that we’ve reputed ourselves for since we’ve opened our doors.

We have invested in three key areas


Our Vice President of Operations is a 16-year veteran of the restoration business with a wealth of experience and management expertise to lead our team of Project Managers, Crew Chiefs and Technicians.


We have filled our warehouse with brand new, state of the art equipment that will certainly comfort your clients when we arrive on the scene. An example is our DrySmart Drying Trailer. Packing over 500,000 BTU’s of energy, it can quickly heat a large building interior and dry out moisture, speeding the evaporation process. 


For our support system we have chosen industry leader, Restoration Manager. This system will allow us to provide regular communication to you, the agency, and your insureds. Our “Customer Portals” will allow all key participants, including insureds, complete access— enhancing customer service and reducing calls to your claims team. This system will also allow effective transfer of estimates via Xactimate.

So you see, we go above and beyond to make sure we can promise when a truck leaves our facility or a Prime representative is called, we will be equipped with absolutely everything needed to provide pain- less and professional results. Because, “You can’t be ready for everything. But we are!”

The PRIME Process

Clearly an “event” such as a fire, smoke or water damage to a house or building is one of the most difficult experiences an owner can face. PRIME Restoration is ready to respond to both commercial and residential losses within minutes of a call. Our priority is to communicate with you so we understand how best to address the situation. No matter the size of the loss, our staff of professionals are trained to walk your clients through the key steps to return their life back to normal.

Once we arrive at the premise, we begin to board and secure the property. We ensure the property and belongings are safe and secure. Often fire damage is followed by water damage, next we begin all aspects of cleaning, from water removal and mold prevention to removing damage goods and chemically removing the odor from the building. Any affected belongings are removed, inspected, properly cleaned and safely returned to your property. Often we will be able to clean rugs, clothes, and furniture to its pre-loss condition.

For broken pipes, flooded basements, or storm damage, we begin the drying process as soon as possible. Quick and complete drying prevents mold and reduces the likelihood of further damage. We protect and/or clean your insured’s belongings instilling comfort and confidence that their home/business will be back to normal soon.

Once we arrive at the premises, we seal off the affected area and begin the process of cleaning the smoke and soot from the building. Our equipment and “safe” chemicals remove the soot/smoke causing the odor. We then follow the same process for the insureds belongings noted above with a goal of salvaging/cleaning as many items as possible.

While often an uninsured event, mold and/or mildew are present in many homes and can cause significant air quality issues. Once an inspection is scheduled and we arrive at the premises, PRIME mold experts will perform a thorough inspection. We utilize the latest in moisture detection equipment as well as a state of the art Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera to look for the sources of moisture. PRIME can also provide air sampling within the property to see what types of molds are present and if there are elevated amounts. Certain molds have been associated with health concerns and can be indicative of a constant moisture source. The identification of these sources can be helpful in the prevention of future losses.