Water: The PRIME Process

Clearly an “event” such as a fire, smoke or water damage to a house or building is one of the most difficult experiences an owner can face. PRIME Restoration is ready to respond to both commercial and residential losses within minutes of a call. Our priority is to communicate with you so we understand how best to address the situation. No matter the size of the loss, our staff of professionals are trained to walk your clients through the key steps to return their life back to normal.


Top-Down, Vortex Drying - The New Way to Dry, PRIME Restoration’s Way to Dry

For broken pipes, flooded basements, or storm damage, we begin the drying process as soon as possible. Quick and complete drying prevents mold and reduces the likelihood of further damage. We protect and/or clean your belongings instilling comfort and confidence that your home/business will be back to normal soon.  We monitor your home on a daily basis using moisture meters and FLIR cameras to determine moisture content readings.  Detailed psychrometric reports are taken each day, with data loggers electronically recording the drying process. Equipment is removed from affected areas as equilibrium moisture content (EMC) is reached.  The moisture content of water absorbent materials varies depending upon both relative humidity and temperature in the surrounding air.  When these materials are neither gaining nor losing moisture, the EMC has been reached.  PRIME determines this EMC by taking moisture content readings in unaffected areas of the building, both on interior and exterior walls.  It is important to note that drying/water damage is a progressive condition, drying times vary depending on the types of materials, quantity of water, degree of saturation, air flow volume and velocity, temperature.  Projects are handled in a discreet, professional manner.