Assurena Insurance Agency is an independent insurance brokerage agency that carries some of the best coverage options in the entire New USA.

Our Contacts

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Working Hours

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Our Restoration Process

The restoration process starts with an initial walkthrough to assess damage and create an initial estimate. Once we receive the insurance company estimate and appropriate payment, we review this information and begin providing building samples to begin the decision-making process.

Water Damage Restoration

Repairing Water, Mold, or Soot Damage & Restoring
Your Home

Eliminating Water, Mold, or Soot & Restoring Your Home

Once the contract and work authorization are completed and signed, we will begin restoring your home or premises.

Depending on what needs to be restored, we will repair drywall, carpets & flooring, paint, and more. We work with highly skilled contractors that can complete all tasks efficiently and up to our highest standards. The timeline for this process can also vary depending on the severity of the damage and the amount of work that needs to be completed. We ensure that our restoration agreements are fulfilled in a timely manner and that all work is up to the homeowner(s) standards.

Your Personal Belongings

Restoring & Protecing
Personal Belongings

As for your personal belongings – we carefully store, clean, and secure all your belongings that can be restored back to pre-loss conditions.

They are returned to you when the restoration process is complete or when you can move back into your home or reenter the premises. We take pride in this process as we know the true value of personal items. Things may be replaced, but sentimental value cannot be. Knowing this, we aim to restore as much as possible before replacing your furniture and personal belongings.  

Upgrading your home: What to consider following Property Damage

While we restore your home, it may be perfect timing to think about upgrading.

Typically, insurance companies will pay to restore your home to the pre-loss condition before the damage occurs. However this allocation of funds can be used towards upgrades. For example, if you had laminate flooring and upgraded to hardwood, we can apply the laminate funds toward the materials and installation of new hardwood flooring. You would only have to pay the difference in cost for the upgrade!

Certificate of final completion

Upon completion of the restoration process, we will ask that you sign a certificate of final completion to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work. After all work is finished and the documentation is finalized, the process is over. You can safely resume enjoying your home without worries of ongoing damages.

Your Restoration Experts