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We are prepared for your Property Damage Emergency

At Prime, our priority during an emergency is to ensure the safety of our customers and prevent further damage from occurring.

We respond to emergencies within minutes, with staff on-call 24/7, seven days a week. We understand the stress and anxiety water damage can bring to homeowners due to the nature of the damage, including potential mold growth after the initial leak or flood

Preserving & Restoring your Home

Our Specialized Water Damage Restoration Team

We bring in our highly trained and specialized team immediately where they will begin their initial response and stabilize the situation. Once the situation is safe, our team will clean the water and ensure the premises can be dried and dehumidified thoroughly. During the drying process we use specialized, top of the line equipment to dry, dehumidify, and remove odors while ensuring there is no mold growth in your home or premises. It usually takes between 3-4 days to dry out a home or building but this timeline varies depending on the type and amount of water damage. Upon completion of the drying process, the restoration process can begin.

Professional Mold Assessment

Prime Mold Inspection
& Detection Procedures

To begin a mold treatment or restoration, Prime will arrive at your home to conduct a visual inspection.

We utilize the latest in moisture detection equipment as well as a state of the art forward looking infrared camera (FLIR) to look for the sources of moisture.  As an option, PRIME can provide air sampling within your home to see if there is in fact an elevated amount of mold and what types are present.  Certain molds can be indicative of a constant moisture source. To prevent further growth, we inspect the premises for sources of stagnant water, leaks, or moisture and respond appropriately to our findings.

Professional restoration of your home

Mold Removal Process

Using a combination of cleaning agents, specialized sanitization equipment, dehumidifiers, and HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums to extract spores from the air and home.

Prime assesses each situation and efficiently removes the growth source from your home or premises. Mold returning after remediation is rare, as the mold will need a continuously damp and warm environment.

Fire Damage Restoration

Our staff of professionals are here to walk you through the key steps to return your life back to normal.

Once we arrive at your premises, we will seal off the affected area from those areas that were not damaged and secure the property. Often fire damage is followed by water damage.  We begin all aspects of cleaning from water removal and mold prevention to removing damage goods.

We then can begin the process of cleaning the smoke and soot from your building.  Our equipment and “safe” chemicals remove soot/smoke causing the odor.  Any of your affected belongings are removed with care, inspected and if salvageable, properly cleaned.  Once the appropriate time arrives, they are safely returned to you.  Often we will be able to clean rugs, clothes and your furniture and return it to its pre-loss condition.

Your Mitigation Experts