Assurena Insurance Agency is an independent insurance brokerage agency that carries some of the best coverage options in the entire New USA.

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You Can't Be Ready For Everything. But PRIME is!

We are always prepared and equipped with absolutely everything needed to provide a quick, cost-efficient and professional result. 

We are ready to help with:
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Construction Services

From minor projects such as “paint only” to complete rebuilds of homes destroyed by fire, Prime is ready and able to offer our construction services. We have a dedicated department at our disposal for both residential and commercial projects.  

Emergency Work

When emergencies strike, we will be there for you every step of the way. From fire to floods, we will bring your home back to life just as you remembered it. These situations can be stressful, but we are experienced and ready to guide you through this difficult process.

Electrostatic Spraying

PRR applies disinfectant to affected areas using Electrostatic Technology. This process takes a liquid EPA registered disinfectant and forces it through a nozzle using air pressure causing tiny droplets to form.

Prime Restoration
Who We Are

PRIME Restoration & Remediation, LLC

We are two former insurance company executives who recognized there may be a better model for the disaster restoration industry. As a result, we have created PRIME Restoration & Remediation, LLC (“PRIME”).  We are not “two guys in a truck” nor are we restoration industry insiders. We are two insurance company / agency minded individuals, who have invested heavily in people, equipment and process. We have attracted and hired the best talent in the industry for both the Mitigation and Reconstruction divisions.  The Vice Presidents of each division have over 20 years’ experience in their respective areas of expertise and our management team has a wealth of knowledge in commercial and residential claims.

How Is PRIME different?

Why should you choose PRIME Restoration & Remediation

Here at Prime Restoration & Remediation, we hold our relationships and partnerships with pride. We look at each client/situation as an extension of the larger relationship and therefore treat each client/situation with the upmost care and urgency.

We've been involved in all types, size and varieties of projects.

Before and After Projects

Prime Before Restoration BathroomAfter PRIME restoration bathroom
Before Prime Restoration FireplaceAfter Prime Restoration Cabinet
Prime Restoration

Why is PRIME the Best?

We Are Ready to Help

We look at each client/situation as an extension of the larger relationship and therefore treat each client/situation with the upmost care and urgency. There are no small or insignificant accounts for our partners. They all know that we coming running and we aren’t looking for quick hits but to maintain an mutually beneficial long term relationship that works for both parties.